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Why Green?

At Green AC, we’re not just about providing services; we’re about creating a legacy of sustainability and efficiency in the energy sector. With a strong foundation built on renewable energy solutions such as HVAC systems, solar & battery installations, EV charging, hot water heating and more, we are dedicated to improving the way energy is used and managed in both commercial and residential settings.

Green Air Conditioning

Our Story

We truly care about the quality of our work & its impact on the environment. We’ve seen countless poor installations which cost people money. It’s our mission to change that by taking a “do it once, do it right” attitude and ensuring all installed appliances are running as efficiently as possible.

We’re proud our five star Google reviews and we appreciate the customer referrals they generate. These motivate us to continually learn and improve.

Green Air Conditioning was founded in 2017 by Cam and Matt. Two great friends with complimentary skill sets, aligned values and passion for positive change. Cam is an expert in his field, bringing over 15 years of industry experience. Matt has a business background and saw a huge gap in the market for a more sustainable business model. They shared an understanding that simple basic principles such as excellent customer service and quality workmanship were severely lacking in the industry and that together they could transform the trade. With a focus on being as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible, Green has progressed from strength to strength with the help of a growing and highly capable team.

Introducing our new Board Directors.

Over the last two to three years, Green has been preparing to expand its installation offering. Having built up a solid senior trades team, we decided to bring on two new Board Directors to give us the grunt and expertise to grow! Welcoming – Paul Makumbe and Justin Boersma to the team, both having extensive entrepreneurial careers with experience across solar, telecommunications and marketing industries. 

GreenAC Capabilities:

Green AC continuously enhances our expertise to provide top-tier HVAC, solar, battery storage and EV charging solutions, maximising asset lifespan and electricity generation while exceeding client expectations in residential and commercial industries.

Green AC prioritises environmental sustainability by reducing waste, optimising energy efficiency, and implementing best practices to minimise ecological impact in all operations.

Committed to enhancing societal outcomes, Green AC provides stable employment, quality training, and a supportive environment for workers and their families, fostering social connectedness and community involvement.

Operating with unwavering integrity, honesty, and transparency, Green AC consistently improves our offerings, remaining at the forefront of industry advancements and driving growth of the renewable energy sector in New Zealand in both consumer and business direct engagements.

By embodying these values and diligently pursuing our vision and mission, Green AC is steadfast in creating a more sustainable future for New Zealand through HVAC, solar, EV charging, and battery storage solutions in both residential and commercial industries, and through direct engagement with consumers and businesses.

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