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No job too big or small; whether it’s a new build or an existing house we will make sure you get the best system to fit your needs. We’ll always offer honest, constructive advice and present you with a solution.

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Heat Pump Installation

The perfect solution for winter warmth and summer cooling. Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat, cool and dehumidify specific rooms or areas in your home. When you invest in a heat pump you want to know you are getting the most efficient and best value for money system that is tailored to your individual home. Our expert staff at Green Air Conditioning can help you find the best heat pump solution for your needs and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Is your unit not working the way it used to? No unit should noticeably lose efficiency over time if installed & maintained correctly. Over time units clog up with dust or lose gas through a poor installation – these can be repaired or serviced easily to prolong the life of your system and can cost less than a quarter of a new installation. With Green AC you can set up an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep your unit running perfectly.

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Zoned Ducted Systems are discreet and allow the user to be able to manage temperature across multiple areas of their home.

This is done through a Variable Air Flow (VAF) system. For example; if your bedroom faces the sun and gets overly hot the system will direct to bring the temperature down while the other rooms airflow is minimised to almost nothing.

Custom fresh air supply system fitted to your new OR existing ducted air-conditioning system. This system works like a home ventilation system preventing dampness whilst removing stale air. This also gives your house a slight positive pressure, helping prevent airborne particles entering your home. 

If you don’t like the look of the condenser on the outside of your house with all its branding, piping and electrical wires we can cover it up! They’re great for putting pot plants on.

Our HEPA filters are designed specifically to provide an optimum and measurable level of filtration, service life and equipment performance. Unlike standard air filters, HEPA filters capture many pathogens, contaminants, and other potentially harmful elements from the air. Designed by us to fit with your new or existing ducted system.

All our electrical installations and testing is done in house by our own electricians with a Certificate of Compliance attached to every job upon completion to ensure the confidence and safety of our customers.

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We install & repair commercial grade air-conditioning and have extensive knowledge in fresh air supply & extraction systems. When dealing with commercial projects, proper planning and consultation is key. Our team have the expertise and experience necessary to manage all of your heating and cooling needs, including installations, systems design, and maintenance.

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A lot of companies when installing ducted systems, don’t take into consideration the size of the ducting required to efficiently pass air through your house. When this is not done right the unit is struggling to do its job – it can be like trying to blow a big breath of air through a straw. All our installs are professionally engineered and sized to heat or cool your home at its maximum efficiency level. In turn this will ensure rapid response from your unit and save you a scary power bill at the end of the month.

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