Interest free loans up to $50,000

Funding & Grants

Embrace sustainable living with the opportunity to secure an interest-free loan up to $50,000 for energy-efficient home improvements and solar investments. Investing in solar energy is not only a smart decision for enhancing your property’s value but also for contributing to a greener planet. The return on such an investment varies, influenced by several factors including the potential sale of the property, which can lead to an even quicker payback. We encourage you to explore a variety of funding opportunities and government subsidies designed to make your eco-friendly upgrades more accessible and financially viable, ensuring a smoother transition to sustainable living.

Westpac Greater Choices

Home Loan

  • Interest-free loan up to $50,000 for five years. Available for new or current customers.

  • Choose from various energy-efficient home improvements.

ANZ Good Energy

Home Loan

  • Top up your ANZ Home Loan at a fixed rate of 1% for three years.

  • Make your home more energy efficient and better for the environment.

Kiwibank Sustainable

Energy Loan

  • Borrow over $5,000: Get up to $2,000 back over 4 years ($800 after 1st year, $400 annually for next 3 years).

  • Kiwibank Home Loan customers: No top-up fee.

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