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With a dedicated focus on installing and servicing cutting-edge Sustainable Energy Systems, our expertise is sought after by electrical, solar, property management and property development businesses. In addition, we directly collaborate with commercial and residential clients.


Redefining comfort and efficiency in indoor spaces. Specialising in installation and service, we ensure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems operate seamlessly. Focusing on creating environments where optimal temperatures meet energy efficiency.


Harnessing the power of the sun, we lead the way in delivering cutting-edge solar solutions. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of advanced solar solutions. With a commitment to innovation, we illuminate the path toward a greener and more sustainable future.


A battery storage system is an additional component that stores excess electricity generated by solar panels when the sun is shining. The primary purpose of a battery installation in a solar setup is to store surplus energy for later use, typically during periods when solar production is low or when electricity demand is high.


Understanding the crucial need for a reliable charging infrastructure. We provide efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate into the evolving world of electric vehicles, ensuring your journey is powered with convenience and environmental responsibility.


Utilising renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal panels or heat pumps, to generate hot water for residential or commercial use. This eco-friendly approach aims to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, lower carbon emissions, and promote sustainability.

More than 50 years experience, hundreds of megawatts installed & gigawatts saved.

The team at Green AC were excellent to deal with. Mike, Liam and Jay did a fantastic job on the installation. They were professional and very pleasant to have in our home. They went above and beyond with their attention to detail and took a lot of pride in their work. We highly recommend this Company as the finished result far exceeded our expectations.
Nicky Turner
The team from Green Aircon were amazing - 5star!! Mikey our installer was 10/10, always easy to deal with did a top quality job. Highly recommend these guys!!
Margaret S
Amazing service, from quotation to arranging a suitable time to install our new unit. The technician was very professional and informative. Will definitely refer business their way. Thanks!
Sebastian Telfer
Matt, Mike, Bernard, Sheldon and the rest of the team at Green AC were amazing! They were all very professional and did a great job getting three heat pumps installed quickly and with no fuss. Mike was incredible, he knew all of the ins and outs and went the extra mile to get things exactly how we wanted. Thanks for a top notch job and we will be using Green AC again in the future!
Olivia Sale
I highly recommend Green Air Conditioning. Our go to for anything aircon related. Very professional and a seamless experience from getting a quote, through to installation. We have recommended them on to others who have also said the same!
Oliver Pullein
The team at Green AC are exceptional. At the end of our tether after several nights of terrible sleep due to the humid and hot Auckland summer, we got in touch. They knew it was urgent, so they managed to slot us in to have it installed in less than a week. The guy who installed it arrived on time, was polite, comfortable with our dogs, didn’t muck around, and left the area spotlessly clean at the end of the job. We have recommended them to all of our friends
Ashley Gore
Agile team, managed to fit me in on a cancellation. Issue efficiently diagnosed and fixed. Impressive service, would definitely use again and recommend to others.
xin gao
Perfect installation! Highly recommend!
Tash & Oli Saltmarsh
Couldn't recommend Matt and the Green Air team highly enough! Super reliable and well priced.
Jamie C
Such good communication, really friendly and knowledgeable and top quality workmanship!! Love these guys and will 100% be using them for anything of this nature in the future.
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Residential Installation

As specialists in sustainable energy, we excel in seamless residential installations of HVAC, solar PV, energy storage and EV charging systems. Our transparent and honest approach ensures the best solutions without inflated costs. Committed to the highest standards and continuous improvement, we contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Kiwi homes.

Commercial Installation

We install, configure & repair commercial grade HVAC and refrigeration systems, solar PV, energy storage and EV charging systems. Our team have the expertise and experience necessary to integrate with your BMS, including power generation, heating and cooling needs, installations, systems design, procurement and maintenance.

We've neutralised our business carbon footprint through certified carbon credits, supporting forest growth and protection in NZ and the Pacific Islands. This initiative enhances climate resilience, safeguards waterways, controls erosion, conserves biodiversity, and fosters community economic development.

Everything You’re Curious About

According to the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the average New Zealand household can save around $300-$500 per year by installing solar panels. This amount can vary depending on factors such as the size of the household, the amount of sunlight the panels receive, and the efficiency of the system. Additionally, solar panels can increase the value of a property and provide a hedge against future energy price increases.

The investment in a solar system is influenced by factors such as size and complexity. For a standard residential system, costs typically range from $3 to $5 per watt of capacity. As an example, a 5-10kW system may amount to approximately $15,000 to $25,000. Larger commercial and industrial systems are quoted on consultation.

When discussing HVAC systems, a proper understanding of kilowatts (kW) and kilowatt hours (kWh) can be beneficial. Here is an overview:

  1. Kilowatts (kW) and Kilowatt Hours (kWh) Defined

    • Kilowatts (kW): This measures the maximum energy output of a system at a given time. For solar panels, a 2kW solar panel system can produce a maximum of 2kW of energy when operating at full capacity.
    • Kilowatt Hours (kWh): This measures the amount of energy effectively used or drawn from a system over a period of time. In the solar panel example, a 2kW solar panel system would produce 2kWh in an hour of full sun.

  2. Energy Production Over Time

    • In the case of solar panels, the capacity of a system is measured in kW. The energy output can then be tracked over time with kWh measurements. For example, the 2kW system would produce 4kWh of energy in two hours of full sun.

These measurements are fundamental when discussing energy usage and energy production in systems like solar panels. Similarly, understanding the energy output and consumption of an HVAC system can be critical for proper management and efficiency assessment.

Integrating batteries with solar panels proves to be a valuable investment, particularly for storing surplus energy generated during the day. This stored energy serves as a reliable source during nighttime or power outages, enhancing the overall efficiency of your solar system. However, the cost and efficiency of the battery system depend on factors such as your energy consumption, budget, and location. On average, a residential solar system with a battery can store approximately three to six dollars’ worth of electricity per day.

Choosing the ideal HVAC system for your home, office, or building involves assessing factors like space dimensions, occupancy levels, insulation, and heating/cooling requirements. Opt for a system that not only delivers efficient and cost-effective climate control but also offers easy maintenance and energy-saving features. For personalised guidance, consult with a professional HVAC technician who can help determine the best system tailored to your specific needs.

Each HVAC system type comes with distinct benefits:

  • Wall Units: Known for their compact design, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Split Systems: Offer high efficiency, versatility, and can be seamlessly installed in both new and existing homes.

  • Ducted Systems: Capable of managing high cooling and heating demands, known for their energy efficiency, and operate quietly.

Choosing the right system for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Consulting with a professional can help determine the best fit for your requirements.

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